RD Sharma Solutions for Maths Class 10 to Class 12

RD Sharma Class 10 Maths solutions is the most preferred study material for all the students looking to score good marks in class 10th, Class11 & Class 12th Maths exams. While preparing Solutions for RD Sharma Class 10 Maths, Tutor Classes Expert strictly follow the syllabus of CBSE. These solutions are easy to understand and step-by-step explanations for important questions given in RD Sharma Reference book for Maths.

We all know that RD Sharma is a Well known name for the students of CBSE Board. This Reference book is very beneficial if a student wants to prepare extra in Maths for Board exams.

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RD Sharma Class 12 Solutions
RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions
RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions

Chapter-wise RD Sharma Solutions Class 12 Maths

Chapter 1: RelationsChapter 18: Maxima and Minima
Chapter 2: FunctionsChapter 19: Indefinite Integrals
Chapter 3: Binary OperationsChapter 20: Definite Integrals
Chapter 4: Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 21: Areas of Bounded Regions
Chapter 5: Algebra of MatricesChapter 22: Differential Equations
Chapter 6: DeterminantsChapter 23 Algebra of Vectors
Chapter 7: Adjoint and Inverse of a MatrixChapter 24: Scalar Or Dot Product
Chapter 8: Solution of Simultaneous Linear EquationsChapter 25: Vector or Cross Product
Chapter 9: ContinuityChapter 26: Scalar Triple Product
Chapter 10: DifferentiabilityChapter 27: Direction Cosines and Direction Ratios
Chapter 11: DifferentiationChapter 28 Straight line in space
Chapter 12: Higher Order DerivativesChapter 29: The plane
Chapter 13: Derivative as a Rate MeasurerChapter 30: Linear programming
Chapter 14: Differentials, Errors and ApproximationsChapter 31: Probability
Chapter 15: Mean Value TheoremsChapter 32: Mean and variance of a random variable
Chapter 16: Tangents and NormalsChapter 33: Binomial Distribution
Chapter 17: Increasing and Decreasing FunctionsChapter 18: Maxima and Minima

RD Sharma Class 11 Solutions

Chapter 1 SetsChapter 18 Binomial Theorem
Chapter 2 RelationsChapter 19 Arithmetic Progressions
Chapter 3 FunctionsChapter 20 Geometric Progressions
Chapter 4 Measurement of AnglesChapter 21 Some Special Series
Chapter 5 Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 22 Brief Review of Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates
Chapter 6 Graphs of Trigonometric FunctionsChapter 23 The Straight Lines
Chapter 7 Trigonometric Ratios of Compound AnglesChapter 24 The Circle
Chapter 8 Transformation FormulaeChapter 25 Parabola
Chapter 9 Trigonometric Ratios of Multiple and Submultiple AnglesChapter 26 Ellipse
Chapter 10 Sine and Cosine Formulae and Their ApplicationsChapter 27 Hyperbola
Chapter 11 Trigonometric EquationsChapter 28 Introduction to 3D coordinate geometry
Chapter 12 Mathematical InductionChapter 29 Limits
Chapter 13 Complex NumbersChapter 30 Derivatives
Chapter 14 Quadratic EquationsChapter 31 Mathematical Reasoning
Chapter 15 Linear InequationsChapter 32 Statistics
Chapter 16 PermutationsChapter 33 Probability
Chapter 17 CombinationsChapter 18 Binomial Theorem

Class 10 RD Sharma Solutions Chapter-wise

Chapter 1 Real NumbersChapter 9 Arithmetic Progressions
Chapter 2 PolynomialsChapter 10 Circles
Chapter 3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesChapter 11 Constructions
Chapter 4 TrianglesChapter 12 Some Applications of Trigonometry
Chapter 5 Trigonometric RatiosChapter 13 Probability
Chapter 6 Trigonometric IdentitiesChapter 14 Co-ordinate Geometry
Chapter 7 StatisticsChapter 15 Areas Related to Circles
Chapter 8 Quadratic EquationsChapter 16 Surface Areas and Volumes

From the above links to RD Aggarwal Solutions for various classes, Students can prepare for exams in a more efficient way.